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The State Hospital is committed to providing an accessible website that is easy for you to access or navigate around regardless of your level of ability/disability or the technology you are using.

Our site has been built to comply with xhtml and CSS2 standards.

At present our website complies with Priority 2, level "AA" under the Web Content Accessibility Guidelineslink opens in a new window - the international standard for accessible websites and content.

We offer the following specific accessibility features:

  • The use of plain English
  • A search facility
  • Sitemap
  • Resizable text
  • Background and text colour choices
  • Keyboard shortcuts (accesskeys and tabindex) [see below]
  • Text to speech facility
  • Descriptive tag attributes for all images
  • Printing with minimal styling
  • Settings that can be overridden


Acrobat PDF Format / Accessible Formats

Many of the reference documents on this site are in Adobe Acrobat format. If this causes you difficulty, and you require this information in another format, please contact the Involvement and Equality Lead who will get in touch with you to discuss your specific needs: Sandie Dickson, IEL (Email Sandie DicksonOpens in a new window / Telephone 01555 842072).


Access Keys

Access Keys are the same across all page menus and general structure:

  • In the document header
    • ALT-0 (zero) - Home Page
    • ALT-M - email The State Hospital
  • In the Left main navigation menu
    • ALT-1 - First left menu item
    • ALT-2 - Second left menu item
    • ALT-3 - Third left menu item
    • for as many left menu items as there are
    • ALT-S - Search form text box
  • In the Page Footer
    • ALT-J - Vacancies
    • ALT-A - Accessibility
    • ALT-D - Disclaimer
    • ALT-M - Sitemap
    • ALT-C - Contact Us
    • ALT-F - Site Comments & Feedback
  • The Access Keys ALT is for Internet Explorer on Windows. Use CTRL in Mozilla/Firefox or on a Macintosh, and SHIFT-ESC in Opera (which ignores numeric accesskeys).



If a page contains a form, tabindex starts at the first field of the form and flows through form elements before anything else on the page. The order is designed to be the natural flow though a form: i.e. Title, Forename, Surname, Address, etc.

If there has been a form, and you have focused on that form, tabindex continues after the form with the first item on the page (the header text) and flows through the rest of the page as normal.

If you have not jumped directly to a form or other Accesskey element, tabindex follows the normal flow of the page, including a page's text content. In this order:

  • Home Page
  • email The State Hospital
  • Text Colour Chooser
  • Left menu item 1
  • Left menu item 2
  • Left menu item 3
  • Left menu items 4, 5, etc
  • Search text box
  • Search submit button
  • Any links and items in the page's text
  • Top of Page
  • Disclaimer
  • Sitemap
  • Contact Us
  • Help
  • Site Comments & Feedback


Tell us what you think

We've tried very hard to make our website as easy to use as possible.

On our Site Comments & Feedbacklink opens in a new window section you can leave us quick feedback or complete our Website Feedback Questionnaire. We are always happy to receive your comments and welcome any suggestions for improvements.