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Board Committees

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The Clinical Governance Committee, Audit Committee, Staff Governance Committee and the Remuneration Committee support the Board in its work. 

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Clinical Governance Committee

Clinical Governance is the framework to support the Board’s statutory responsibility to deliver high quality care. In undertaking this role, the Clinical Governance Committee ensures that the quality of care is underpinned by the effectiveness of clinical care and treatment, and that this evolves to meet the needs of both patients and staff.

Terms of Reference - Clinical Governance Committee (May 2016)Opens in a new window

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Audit Committee

The corporate governance framework encourages the efficient use of resources and equally to require accountability for the stewardship of those resources, thus affecting the way the Hospital is administered. Corporate governance arrangements are set out in Standing Orders, Standing Financial Instructions and the Scheme of Delegation. 

The Audit Committee oversees arrangements for external and internal audit of the Board’s financial and management systems and considers the Board’s overall systems of internal control.

Terms of Reference - Audit Committee (March 2016)Opens in a new window

A report on Efficiency, Productivity and Best Value is presented to the Audit Committee annually: 2014/15Opens in a new window.

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Staff Governance Committee

The Hospital ensures that staff governance standards are adhered to throughout the organisation in that staff are well informed, appropriately trained, involved in decisions that affect them, treated fairly and consistently and provided with a safe and improved working environment. The Staff Governance Committee is the main forum for monitoring staff governance issues including those which impact on fitness to practice.

Terms of Reference - Staff Governance Committee (June 2016)Opens in a new window

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Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee considers all workforce related pay issues and pay as well as other workforce remuneration issues as appropriate.

Terms of Reference - Remuneration Committee (June 2017)Opens in a new window

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Committee Meeting Minutes

The minutes of Committee Meetings can be found in the Board PapersOpens in a new window.

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Committee Annual Reports

Committee Annual ReportsOpens in a new window

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