The State Hospital

The State Hospital, Carstairs, Lanark ML11 8RP
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Board / Governance

The governing body of the Hospital is the Board which is accountable to Scottish Ministers through the Scottish Government for the quality of care and the efficient use of resources.

The main functions of the Board are to establish strategic direction, aims and values, ensure accountability to the public and assure that the Hospital is managed with integrity.

To achieve its aims, The State Hospitals Board for Scotland allocates resources and monitors organisational and executive performance, delegates operational matters to management and oversees senior management arrangements and appointments. 

In line with good governance, transparency and accountability, public notices advertising Board Meetings are placed on Latest News / Public Notices section of The State Hospital’s website alongside Board agendas, papers and minutes

The Board has a statutory responsibility to embrace the three strands of governance: Clinical Governance, Staff Governance and Corporate Governance. There is a range of supporting frameworks, strategies and action plans in place to ensure delivery of high standards of governance.