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Local Delivery Plans (LDPs)

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The Local Delivery Plan (LDP) is reviewed annually through consultation within the Hospital. 

The Board approves the plan each year.

There are a large number of targets and measures in the LDP monitoring framework, more than in the national guidance.  This is welcomed, as the monitoring framework is very comprehensive.  

The existence of a robust performance management framework, linked to the LDP, and supported by the Workforce Plan and Financial Plan means that needs are assessed, prioritised and resourced, where possible.

LDP Performance Reports to the Board can be found in the Board PapersOpens in a new window

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The LDP is focussed around the implementation of the Hospital’s nine Clinical Model principlesOpens in a new window.  This is all set in the context of the national and local financial position, and the Healthcare Quality Strategy for NHSScotlandOpens in a new window.

The Hospital's Quality and Performance Measurement Framework allows clinical and other teams to demonstrate how they are improving quality, improving performance against targets, and meeting standards against targets that The State Hospital reports against. The Framework drives the performance expected throughout the organisation and captures detailed information broken down by: the Clinical Model principle number, the performance indicator, target, source, provider, and reporting mechanisms (these being Hub Management Teams, the Operational Management Group, and the Board).

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Financial Plans

The State Hospital aims to continually improve governance arrangements, efficiency and effectiveness in support of the national drive for efficiency and productivity.

A three year financial plan is in place. This is an integral part of the Board’s Local Delivery Plan (LDP) which is the strategic plan which sets out the agreed vision for service delivery and development for the Board. Included in the plan is a range of challenging targets relating to key issues such as, quality of care, clinical effectiveness, staffing matters, partnership working and financial results. The State Hospital continues to achieve all of these targets.

The Board is required to operate within three budget limits:

  • A revenue resource limit - a resource budget for ongoing operations.
  • A capital resource limit - a resource budget for capital investment.
  • A cash requirement - a financing requirement to fund the cash consequences of the revenue and capital budgets.

Financial Reports to the Board can be found in the Board PapersOpens in a new window

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Standing Documentation

Standing DocumentationOpens in a new window (May 2017) consists of Standing Financial Instructions, Scheme of Delegation (arising from the Standing Orders and Standing Financial Instructions) including financial limits, and Standing Orders (including Board Members' Code of Conduct).

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