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State Hospital Procurement

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National Overview

The Procurement Department provides a comprehensive procurement and logistics service for the purchasing of goods and services and developing procurement processes, procedures, strategies and policies in line with national best practice.

The increased importance attached to collaborative procurement is a direct result of the Public Sector Procurement Reform ProgrammeOpens in new window.

Collaborative procurement is about achieving value for money for the Scottish public sector through partnership working between buying organisations and suppliers. This partnership working is facilitated by Centres of Expertise (CoE) in the various sectors. For Health the CoE is NHS National ProcurementOpens in new window.

This approach utilises expertise across the public sector to leverage volumes and secure benefits from economies of scale through harnessing combined sector purchasing power. Where a need is identified, The State Hospital will in the first instance seek to meet that need through the use of collaborative contracts.

Wherever possible, the Framework Agreements set up by the Scottish Government are utilised. Such agreements cover commodities which are needed by multiple public bodies at a national or sectoral level. Full details of these contracts can be found on the Scottish Government's Procurement DirectoryOpens in new window.

Where a need for a commodity has been identified which cannot be met through a Framework Agreement, opportunities will be opened up through the Public Contracts Scotland PortalOpens in new window and award our own contracts to meet that need. There is no charge to use this service and suppliers are encouraged to register.  All contracts above the EU thresholds are also advertised in the TED Tenders Electronic DailyOpens in new window in addition to Public Contracts ScotlandOpens in new window.

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Procurement Reform (Scotland) Act 2014

The Procurement Reform (Scotland) 2014 Act has been introduced and will officially be in place from April 2016.  There are a number of specific duties that contracting authorities are now obliged to fulfill, these being:

  • All regulated contracts must be published on the Public Contracts ScotlandOpens in new window website.
  • Community benefit requirements must apply to all contracts at or above £4,000,000.
  • A number of other measures designed to offer benefits to potential bidders in terms of greater transparency, and ensuring that processes are proportionate.

Each year all contracting authorities are obliged to publish their organisations annual report, strategy documents and contracst register.

Procurement Annual ReportsOpens in a new window

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State Hospital Tender Opportunities

All tender opportunities for The State Hospital are advertised on the Public Contracts Scotland PortalOpens in new window.

The State Hospital supports the Suppliers CharterOpens in new window and is committed to facilitating access to public sector procurement opportunities. The Scottish Government has prepared the Suppliers JourneyOpens in new window that provides useful guidance to help companies that are seeking to bid for public sector contracts.

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State Hospital Contract Register

All public contracts can be found on the Public Contracts Register within the Public Contracts Scotland website.

The State Hospital's Contract Register - Public Contracts ScotlandOpens in new window

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State Hospital Procurement Strategy

Procurement Strategy 2015-18Opens in new window

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State Hospital Procurement Commercial Improvement Programme (PCIP)

Procurement Commercial Improvement Programme (PCIP) 2015/16Opens in new window

Procurement Capability Assessment (PCA) Report 2013/14Opens in a new window

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The eProcurement Scotland system (PECOS) is used by The State Hospital for the placement of orders. The system has improved efficiency in the ordering process through the use of electronic catalogues and a paperless order process.

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Sustainable procurement should address the social, economic and environmental implications of product and service choices. It should embrace whole life costing and address how aspects such as design, manufacturing materials, operating costs, energy consumption, waste and recycling options support a more sustainable approach.

The State Hospital seeks to embed sustainable procurement in identifying need "A process whereby organisations meet their needs for goods, services, works and utilities in a way that achieves value for money on a whole life basis and generates benefits not only to the organisation, but also to society, the economy and the environment".

In line with the sustainability agenda, The State Hospital seeks to award contracts using the Most Economically Advantageous Tender (MEAT) principles. This approach has allowed a number of Small Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) to win contracts.

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Contact State Hospital Procurement

For more information email TSH.Procurement@nhs.netOpens in new window

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