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Involvement and Equality

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Involvement and Equality

The service embeds and reflects the commitments and values within the NHSScotland Healthcare Quality Strategy of person centredness, supporting meaningful involvement, working as active partners and recognising and valuing diversity. Workstreams in 2016/17 focused on:

  • Meaningful stakeholder involvement and engagement.
  • Volunteering.
  • Spiritual and Pastoral Care.
  • Equality and Diversity.
  • Person-centred care Health Care Programme.
  • Supporting the role of Advocacy.

Key pieces of work undertaken during the year included:

  • Publication of new set of Equality Outcomes.
  • Introduction of new Patient Welcome Pack.
  • Supporting national development of the new NHS Model Complaints Handling Procedure.
  • Investing in Volunteers Re-accreditation.
  • Facilitation of a Stakeholder Engagement Forum session as part of the wider State Hospital Annual Review.
  • Facilitation of the Person-centred ‘What Matters to You?’ initiative.
  • Further development of the ‘Learning from Feedback’ report.
  • Engaging patients and carers in the Supporting Healthy Choices implementation workstreams.

The IES Annual Report details activity across all strands of the service.

Photo: Patients' LibraryInvolvement and Equality Strategy 2014/17Opens in a new window

IES 'Fact Sheet' (February 2016)Opens in a new window

IES Local Annual ReportsOpens in a new window

Participation Standards Self-Assessment Feedback - 2014/15 Letter and 2014/15 National Overview ReportOpens in a new window 2013/14 (no report required)Opens in a new window 2012/13 Local ReportOpens in a new window 2011/13 National Overview ReportOpens in a new window

Participation Standards Self-Assessments - 2014/15Opens in a new window 2013/14 (no assessment required)Opens in a new window 2012/13Opens in a new window

About the Participation StandardOpens in a new window

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Patient Involvement

Patient involvement in care planning and objective setting has never been greater. This ensures patients are meaningfully engaged in planning and reviewing their care, taking ownership where appropriate.

In recognition of the need to ensure that all patients are able to share their views, the Involvement and Equality Service (IES) has developed a range of skills to support patients including graphic facilitation and creative feedback.

The Patient Involvement Facilitator supports ongoing patient involvement, liaising with staff across the Hospital to ensure that feedback is considered and services are developed incorporating feedback from patients. 

Patients are encouraged to be actively involved in consultations about the design and delivery of services which affect their care and treatment. This is facilitated in a number of different ways including the Patient Partnership Group (PPG), IES Steering Group, consultation forums, the Hospital’s formal Annual Review process, patient questionnaires and suggestion / feedback boxes.

Patients and their carers are actively involved in the Care Programme Approach (CPA) process which applies to all State Hospital patients at every stage of their care pathway.  This ensures that care and treatment plan objectives are well informed based on a shared understanding.

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Carer Engagement

Photo: Carers' Reception AreaAs partners in the delivery of care, effective communication with carers continues to be a priority with extensive measures employed to inform, consult and engage.  The Carer Engagement Facilitator ensures that carers are kept well informed through regular newsletters, dedicated information leaflets and other relevant materials.

Patient visitors are supported to provide feedback by way of compliments, comments, concerns and complaints either verbally, via email, or through the suggestion boxes. An annual questionnaire is conducted with any relevant issues progressed through a structured action plan.

Carers are represented through a number of forums including the IES Steering Group, consultation and focus groups. The Carers’ Support Group is central to supporting and facilitating active consultation and engagement as well as providing an opportunity for carers to meet informally.

Carers continue to be involved in local and national consultations and reviews, and alongside members of staff and the public, are invited to attend meetings of the Board as observers. Additionally, the Hospital supports National Carers’ Week every June, in which carers are encouraged to actively participate.

Information for carers is available from the dedicated Patient Visitors & Carers section of this websiteOpens in a new window

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Volunteer Service

Logo: Investing in VolunteersThe Hospital recognises the important and valuable contribution made by volunteers to enrich the quality of everyday life for patients. As a result, the Volunteer Service continues to develop to meet the needs of our patient population.

Within The State Hospital volunteers engage in a variety of roles: patient visits; supporting the work of the Spiritual & Pastoral Care Team, patient learning, patient activities, IES Steering Group and the Carers’ Support Group.

A number of new roles are being explored, creating the opportunity to complement existing services where there may be specific skill gaps i.e. teaching a foreign language / musical instrument. A role description is created which helps to match the skill set and personality of the volunteer to the identified need of individual patients.

The State Hospital holds the Investing in Volunteers Award; a nationally recognised accreditation which is audited by Volunteer Scotland.

About Volunteering at The State HospitalOpens in a new window and associated Volunteer Application FormOpens in a new window

State Hospital Volunteering Policy and ProcedureOpens in a new window

Guidance on Reimbursement of ‘Out of Pocket’ Expenses for Volunteers within NHSScotland; CEL(2011)23Opens in a new window

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Patients’ Advocacy Service (PAS)

All State Hospital patients have a legal right of access to independent advocacy. Through a Service Level Agreement (SLA), the Hospital ensures independent advocacy services are available free of charge to State Hospital patients. Positive satisfaction is measured via the annual independent Advocacy patient satisfaction questionnaire. Emphasis continues to be focused on supporting patients to engage effectively in tribunals and case reviews with additional resources in place to support the views of ‘harder to reach’ patients including those for whom English is a second language and patients with a learning disability.

Advocacy Annual ReportsOpens in a new window

PAS Feedback Questionnaire (2016/17 not undertaken as an independent review of the service took place instead) 2015/16Opens in a new window (2014/15 format being revised so postponed until 2015/16) 2013/14Opens in a new window 2012/13Opens in a new window

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Spiritual and Pastoral Care

Photo:  Multi-faith CentreThe Hospital supports patients to engage in a variety of forms of worship. There is a dedicated Multi Faith Centre and the Spiritual & Pastoral Care Team (SPCT) make regular visits to wards to ensure individual patient needs are fulfilled in this respect.

The value of spirituality within the recovery journey has been recognised. As a result processes around more effectively integrating spirituality within care and treatment planning continued to be explored.

A new set of national guidelines around the Spiritual and Pastoral Care Pathway is currently under development.

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Equality, Diversity and Rights (EDR)

The Board acknowledges its duties in respect of meeting the requirements of the Equality Act 2010Opens in a new window, and is committed to ensuring services are fair and accessible to all stakeholders.

Equality and diversity is embedded within service delivery, which takes account of individual need and promotes the key principles of Human Rights: to eliminate discrimination, to develop equality of opportunity, and to foster good relations.

Equality Impact Assessments are undertaken on all policies, services and functions to ensure that any potential negative impact is addressed.

Equality Outcomes 2013-17: Update (April 2017)Opens in a new window Employment Monitoring dataOpens in a new window covering disability, ethnicity, religion, gender and sexual orientation can be found in the Workforce sectionOpens in a new window where our Staff Governance Equal Pay Statement - April 2017Opens in a new window can also be found.

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Stakeholder Feedback

A total of 569 forms of feedback were recorded during 2016/17 compared to 436 in 2015/16:

Table showing Type / Source of Feedback

*Patient Group Meeting Minutes are no longer recorded on Datix.
** Separated from more generic feedback shared via Comments / Suggestion Boxes.

Complaints accounted for 10% of the overall feedback received in 2016/17 (9% in 2015/16). 

In 2016/17, 59 complaints (made by 36 people), were received compared to 39 in 2015/16.  Of these, 48 were from patients and 11 from carers / relatives / other sources.

Graph showing Complaint Source

Of the 48 patients, 18 made a complaint through the Complaints Officer and 30 through the Patients’ Advocacy Service (PAS). 

Complaint outcomes are categorised as either being upheld, partially upheld or not upheld. Of the 59 complaints received, four were withdrawn during the process. Of the 55 complaints investigated, 24 were either upheld or partially upheld.

Graph showing Complaint Outcomes

As in previous years, key themes arising from complaints related to clinical treatment and staff attitude.

Table showing Main Issue Raised in Complaint

Complainants who remain unhappy with the response to their complaint can ask the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO) to review their complaint. During 2016/17 the SPSO received two complaints in comparison to one the previous year.

The Complaints & Feedback Annual Report 2016/17 provides an overview of activity during the year as well as improvements made to services as a result of feedback.

Feedback, Comments, Concerns and Complaints Annual ReportsOpens in a new window

The State Hospital’s Board for Scotland Complaints & Feedback Procedure (April 2017)Opens in a new window

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